Thinking Through Making Week 2016

Date: February 2016

Place: School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, Newcastle University

Title: Collaborative making

Description: 2 day workshop with 30 students (3rd year). Each group, formed by 10 students, attended two non consecutive making sessions, which lasted 1.5 hours

During the first 3-4 workshop sessions, students will work with young bamboo and rope. In its early stages, the bamboo is light, flexible and easily manageable. The task for the students will be to build a bamboo shell.

In the remaining workshops, the students will work with mature bamboo, wire and nails. In its later stages, the bamboo is heavier, harder and stronger. The task for the students is to make a structure that sustains the shell to build a pavilion.

Restricted to just one material, students will have to find out its intrinsic properties and take advantage of them. They will discover bamboo qualities by experimenting and building with it. In this case design does not predate building, it evolves in tandem.

The final installation will be an artefact made out of successive actions executed by different groups of students. Every step of the building process should connect to the previous one while providing opportunities for the next one to anchor.